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DCLS Freight provides more than LTL Freight shipments. We also provide the following helpful logistics strategies to move your business forward.




Mail Delivery

Mail is the lifeline of your business. Why wait until midmorning for delivery when you can begin your workday efficiently, with your mail waiting for you when you arrive at work?

van carrying medical supplies on the mov

Medical Equipment & Supplies

DCLS Freight have skillful operators that ensure safe delivery, providing setup, and education in usage of home medical equipment & supplies for your customers. Setup is done in their home, long-term care setting, clinic or any location deemed necessary to service your patients.

a LTL truck on the road.jpg

LTL Shipments

DCLS Freight offers a full range of low-cost mail and messenger services tailored to meet your individual needs. With access to will-call and post office boxes, our dependable couriers can handle all letters and packages from regular mail to certified and registered.

auto parts and machine delivery truck on

Auto Part Deliver Services

DCLS Freight can help coordinate and provide transportation and routing of your company auto parts deliveries. We will assist in Picking up and delivering parts and equipment to customers, satellite stores, wholesale accounts, and vendors.

These are 1099 opportunities under the Direct Connect Logistics Service, LLC. Submit your information and if you meet the requirements, one of our friendly staff members will forward you an email with a link to fill out the Independent Contractor Agreement.
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